Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's not in the observance

Wow, I just had a breakthrough.  I've been concerned about where to attend church.  Remember my Mormon background and its emphasis on proper authority and rituals done in a certain way.  I've researched baptism because I was worried about the differences between Christian churches in the way it is performed.  I had it in my mind that there should be a "right" way.  I just finished reading the five books of Moses and it was very plain to me that God could state explicit details over how to do things and I've been frustrated because there are no such details given in the New Testament.  Then today the Holy Spirit showed me why.  It's not the Law that matters now, it's the heart.  Exact observance of rituals doesn't save anyone.  And putting that kind of control and power in the hands of one "authorized" group is a recipe for disaster.

It's the heart that matters.  No one but God can judge our hearts.  He protected us from "unrighteous dominion" by denying us an earthly priesthood ruling class and He made only Himself responsible for judging us.  We can just focus on worshipping Him and keeping our hearts right with Him.  How awesome is that!

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  1. Concordo só Ele nos pode julgar. Ele nos conhece muito bem. Gostei muito