Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whither was I to go?

So there I was last year, a short time after realizing the LDS church was not all it claimed to be, wondering if there could even be a God if such a profound deception was allowed to exist. I sat in my car and talked out loud to myself. I reasoned the following: if the atheists were right and this life was all there was to existence, then when I died, I would blink out and nothing more would matter. If the Hindus and Buddhists were right, then I would be reborn and have another chance to get it right in the next life. If the Christians were right, then if I turned my back on God, then the next life might be hell. I figured I'd better stick with Christianity since the potential for reward was great (heaven) and the risks low--if I was wrong about Christianity I either wouldn't exist to regret it or would have another shot at life, even if were only as an insect.

I am very happy to report that the further along I go on the path of Christianity, the closer I feel to God and the more peace and change for the good I sense in me.