Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lee Strobel believes the Bible is reliable

I love this guy.  He was an atheist journalist who became a Christian pastor.  When I began to transition to being a Christian myself I read his book "The Case for Christ."  When I found myself wondering if there really was a God, I read "The Case for a Creator."  He presents common doubts and questions and interviews scholars about them.  Each time God is revealed in the evidence.

I find myself needing a boost now and then, so I am currently reading "The Case for the Real Jesus."

I still have doubts pop up over stuff that I thought I was sure about.  The other evening I read about the apostle Paul and how his letters have information that conflicts with the story written in Acts.  That started me worrying about the reliability of the Bible all over again.  Funny when I've just been writing about how trustworthy it is.  I don't have an explanation for that discrepancy yet, but I am sure I am not the first person to wonder about it.  Turns out the world of Christian apologetics is rich in explanations and full of different denominations.  I don't have to take anyone's word for it, I can study it myself, which I both stress over and enjoy.  It used to be simple to just accept what the LDS leaders said and not question. That is the path to hell, in my mind anyway, to rely on the words of men who claim to know God's will and have His authority, but whose policies change over the decades according to culture and the economy.

It's harder to take in opposing viewpoints and sort through a lot of information.  I am sure there are Christians who are content to not dig around, but I don't want to be like that.  I want to know for myself and I want to be able to explain to others when they are hurting for answers, like Lee Strobel does.

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